Technical Check of Printer-Scanner

The highly trained printer and scanner repair department of our company undertakes to give you the appropriate and economic solution to every technical problem for all models of Fujitsu printers (Official Service Provider of Fujitsu Europe) but also all other manufacturers of printers / multifunction machines (laser, inkjet, multifunction machines , dot matrix – printer- plotters). We provide the possibility of a visit of our specialized technician, for immediate diagnosis and repair.

The technicians of our company, after carrying out a thorough technical inspection, in order to confirm the fault and other possible technical problems, proceed to:

  • Check the proper operation of the computer.
  • Check that all components are delivering maximum performance.
  • Investigate the cause of the damage to prevent its recurrence.
  • Investigate whether the damage was caused by external factors, such as defective cables, dust, poor power supply.
  • Cost evaluation


Collection and recording of needs for the purpose of the study and elaboration of specifications for the installation of electromechanical infrastructures-systems for the construction of spaces of high added value.

We provide solutions for building and managing networks by applying methods that are very important for support and design.Use of technological resources and in the best possible way. In addition, our company offers solutions for broadband networks.

We work with leading manufacturers of wireless network equipment and network infrastructure management, such as: Cisco, HP, Allied Telesis Motorola, Panduit and Brandrex.

Our company has extensive experience in designing, developing and supporting Data Centers and Computer Rooms. Our knowledge in the field of Computer Science and telecommunication systems, but also the growing needs for upgrading services and needs gives us a strategic advantage in designing a proper Computer Room or Data Center.


We provide comprehensive material digitization services for libraries and archives, with properly trained people who have the know-how and sufficient knowledge about the objects to be digitized.


  • Capture and selection of the material to be digitized.
  • Digitization includes scanning, digital photography, digital copy processing, typing in visual character recognition software, or a combination of the above.