• Our company has been active in the field of information technology and networks since 2008, providing technical advice and services to individuals and companies – private and public bodies – with the aim of the best possible organization of organizations, always covering the latest trends in information technology and rapidly changing customer needs.
  • The well-trained team of technicians and engineers of computers, networks and scanners, have the necessary know-how, in order to provide solutions immediately.
  • The company with stable partnerships has the infrastructure for the study and installation of Data Centers.
  • By systematically monitoring the market developments and responding to its requirements with innovative products, Netpoint SA acquires financial figures that enable it to make significant investments in Greece and soon abroad.
  • The business goal of our company is to cover a significant market share, as its innovative concepts and practices make it extremely competitive in the modern business environment.
  • With our tools, knowledge and experience, the undertaking of important projects of large companies and their successful execution at pre-agreed times on the basis of contracts, place us in a prominent position in the domestic market.